The Aeolian Islands, Sicily

Vertical view of the Aeolian Islands and of the northern coast of Sicily, taken from the NASA's International Space Station (ISS) della NASA, 22 June 2008. Source: The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of the Earth (NASA)

The seven Aeolian Islands lie off the northern coast of Sicily, belonging to the Sicilian province of Messina, and in a geodynamically rather complex region. All are of volcanic origin, with one volcano currently being in eruption (Stromboli) and two more with a record of historical eruptions (Vulcano and Lipari) plus one showing fumarolic activity (Panarea). The biggest of the seven islands is Lipari, administrative center for all the other islands except Salina, which alone boasts three communal administrations. The highest peak is Monte Fossa delle Felci on Salina, rising to 960 m above the sea level, followed by Stromboli (924 m a.s.l.).


Map of the Aeolian Islands and location of the main population centers

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